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Oct 08

Cutting Edge Technology at Commonwealth Youth Games Pune 2008
Friday, October 3, 2008:The 3rd Commonwealth Youth Games will be held in Pune from 12 to 18 October, 2008. With 2000 athletes and officials coming down for the Games and 9 sports competitions over a span of 7 days, Timing, Scoring, On-Venue-Result and other important information needs to be provided to the media and other interested people in the shortest possible time, thus necessitating a modern Information Technology System for the success of any international multi-sport event.

CYG Pune 2008 association with OMEGA, World leader in time devices

Swiss Timing’s Timing, Scoring and On-Venue-Result System covers all these aspects and more which will make the Commonwealth Youth Games a huge success.

Schedules, participants list, start lists, results or medal winners and all relevant information will be transferred from all competition venues as fast as possible to the central system in order to make it accessible to media, sports enthusiasts and to everyone around the world. All this information will also be easily and immediately accessible on the official website cygpune2008.com for everyone’s convenience.

All the nine sports events of CYG Pune 2008 will have state-of-the-art Timing, Scoring, On-Venue-Result and Data handling systems from Swiss Timing (OMEGA) with similar modules which were used at Beijing Olympic Games 2008. All these system results will be generated and distributed electronically with the touch of a button to various centres, control rooms, internet and CIS (Commentator Information System) etc. Special TV Graphics will be generated and ultra modern TV Virtual Graphics will be employed similar to the ones which were used at Beijing Olympic Games 2008.

Electronic Timing for Athletics and Swimming will be accurately measured upto 1/1000th of a sec for Photo-finish and Electronic Touch Pad system. Since false start of an athlete in swimming and athletics cannot be judged with the naked eye, electronic false start detection system with instantaneous results will be employed for swimming and athletic with special emphasis on relay events in swimming, as it was done in Beijing Olympics 2008.

SIUS ASCOR Shooting range at Pune is one of the best in Asia and can be compared with Beijing Olympics Shooting Range. It will have state-of-the-art scoring and ranking technology and you can watch shot-by-shot scoring and results of the shooters live sitting at home on your computer through the internet.

Boxing will have electronic timing, scoring, judges’ evaluation system and unique Spycam in which judges’ decision can be observed and evaluated.

TV Graphics and Special TV Virtual Graphics will be used for the first time in India for any sports broadcast using the state-of-the-art Video Generators, incorporating the same technology as in Beijing Olympics 2008.

Over 70 Technology Specialists who have operated the system successfully during Olympics and 30 Technical Volunteers will be employed at various locations in all the venues to accomplish the execution of the Timing, Scoring and On-Venue-Result systems. Out of the 70 specialists, about 50 of them are coming from Swiss Timing (OMEGA) various Operation Centres at Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada and Italy who have experience from Beijing Olympics 2008 and other Olympics

All technical equipment with respect to timing, scoring and OVR are already in place at all the respective 9 venues and have been tested successfully.

Atos Origin - Games specific solution for CYG Pune 2008

Atos Origin is the official system integrators. Integrating the On – Venue result system and Result Information system. The Games management system will look after the Accreditation system, Internet registration, Workforce management system, indecent tracking and publishing of the result via result info system on the website. The Technology Operations centre will facilitate Incident Management, Change Management, Disaster Recovery & Crisis management, Monitoring, Staffed 24/7 during operations. Experts will monitor IT, Telecom and Internet.

Technology Infrastructure at Balewadi

To facilitate these systems the entire sports city is connected by an Optical Fibre Backbone which will support Video signal (for Doordarshan), CCTV, Telephone EPABX, DATA. Entire Sports City has been made into a Wi-Fi zone by PCMC with A Highly Secured Wireless Network in place. Gigabit switches have been also deployed for high speed connectivity. Security measures have been taken where Intrusion Prevention System, Content filtering services, Gateway level antivirus, Multiple VLANs, Port filtering and restricted access are in place. Along with this , other support locations are connected over VPN. A Highly secured Games Data network will be set up, which will not connected to the internet directly.

Connected Solutions - Supporting Technology Solutions for CYG Pune 2008

Connected Solutions is providing technology solutions that will help in enhancing the brand awareness for CYG by broadcasting customised messages to all attendees and spectators on the cell phone. Their services also includes automating of Transport Management System, streaming of live feeds from Doordarshan on the web and registered mobile phones and improving communication in the logistics department.

CYG Pune 2008 is the first ever Games in India to use such sophisticated technology where Timing, Scoring and On-Venue-Results are integrated with Games Management System electronically.

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