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Oct 08

Cultural Activities
Today has signaled the half way point of the Games extravaganza as tension builds with climaxes soon to be reached. An example of this was the morning swimming heats where photo finishes determined the qualifiers who then went on to compete in the afternoon’s finals.

Over at the Boxing arena the atmosphere was electrifying as India won both of their matches with great ease, cheered on by an ecstatic chanting Indian audience. The table tennis and badminton quarter finals also took place today, again proving both entertaining and tense.

At the cultural centre, the evening performance remained the attraction of the day. Proving to be a success amongst the athletes, the parade and ‘Gift of the day’ slice of the cultural cake still continues to tantalize the spectators’ taste buds, thus reaffirming the part it has to play in making the Games truly Indian.

Just one of the spectacular dances performed tonight at the cultural centre was from the state Haryana. In India, music and dance are linked to each other. Often a particular region will have its own style of dance, relying mainly on its religious and cultural affinity. There are several forms of dance from the state. Features of this include its own hip shakers. Phag, a seasonal dance, is when the farmer, unable to control his happiness on seeing his blooming harvest bursts into dance. Then there is the Dhamal whose origin goes back to the days of the Mahabharata. The Raas is also an ancient dance and is associated with Krishna, the flirtatious God. During the rains the famous Ratvai dance is the favourite of the Mewati’s. The Been-Bansuri dance goes on with the accompaniment of Been (a wind instrument) and Bansuri (flute).

Meanwhile at the pavilions dotted around the centre, past time skills are being taught to both spectators and athletes. Of particular interest was the leather puppet Tholu Bommalata making stall, occupied by Mr. Khander Ram Das, a state award winner from Andhra Pradesh. Beautiful designs are drawn onto this light brown coloured leather achieved by local vegetable dye. This vegetable dye was formally used as colours, however nowadays chemical dyes are also used because they are more readily available. The eyes of the leather puppets are always painted last. Small Rajastani wood carvings (traditional toys from the state) were today’s delightful gift of the day for all athletes involved. “It’s an honour to be given such a traditional offering. A real souvenir of the Games!” commented a receiving athlete.

With only three more days of play left, India and the world waits to see how the Games will continue to pan out and if so far is anything to go by, it won’t fail to disappoint.
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