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Apr 08

Overwhelming response from Pune schools for CYG’s Environmental Awareness Programme
April 24th, 2008: Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG) under its ‘Green Games’ initiative is successfully carrying out the Environmental Awareness Programme (EAP) in schools in and around Pune. This programme was introduced on 22nd Feb 2008 by CYG Pune 2008. Students of the Community Medicine Department of Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College came forward to volunteer for this cause and have been conducting workshops for the same in schools. So far these workshops have been conducted in around 40 schools with the latest one conducted at the Bharati Vidyapeeth School in presence of CYG officials.

About this programme, a CYG official said, “Because these are the youth games, we are involving the youth as today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers. They need to learn and practice the skills necessary to protect, preserve and restore the environmental quality. EAP will definitely help the youth in improvising their knowledge, analytical skills, environmentally conscious attitude and ultimately a responsible behaviour towards the environment”.

The Indian education system has a subject of Environmental Science at junior, senior and senior Secondary levels for all students. This programme at school level is being implemented in 3 phases. The first phase comprised of the need assessment. Surveys were carried out to find out the situation of EVS (Environmental Science) projects in the schools. Subsequent to the need assessment, target schools were identified. Currently in the 2nd phase of this programme, the activities that are being taken for the target schools are identification of the topics for the EVS project, developing training material and Teachers Training Programme, organising environmental awareness competitions like report writing, painting and EVS project competition and film shows on environmental awareness in the target schools.

Impressed with this green initiative of CYG, Ms. Jyotsana Mishra, Principal, City International School, Pimpri said, “CYG is taking an appreciable effort of creating environmental awareness among the common people and the youth. This generation will build the environment in a new form as they are getting educated at a much younger age. During this workshop, students were taught about environmental issues like solid waste management, renewable & non-renewable resources and also about what global warming is and how day by day it is leading to increase in the temperature. They also got a very good learning of how they can individually contribute in minimizing waste”.

During the last phase of the project, target schools will be evaluated on various eco-friendly measures. A core environmental group will be formed in a school which would be further divided into subgroups like air, water, land, waste and energy. Schools will conduct a self audit on the basis of the above components & will also come up with development of evaluation techniques for each component. Schools will then be ranked on the basis of their respective marks and the best school will be awarded as the “CYG PUNE 2008 GREEN SCHOOL”.
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