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Mar 08

Secretary, Govt. of India (Cabinet Secretariat) – Mr. Sujit Banerjee visits the CYG Pune office
March 15, 2008: Mr. Sujit Banerjee, Secretary, Govt. of India - Cabinet Secretariat, was in town for a 2 day visit to assess the progress of the preparation for the youth games to be held in October this year and take necessary actions to speed up the process.

Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, MP and Chairman of the Organising Committee of CYG Pune 2008 and CWG Delhi 2010 chaired the meeting. Also present were Divisional Commissioner Dr. Nitin Kareer, PMC Commissioner Pravinsinh Pardeshi, and PCMC Commissioner Dilip Band.

Mr. Sujit Banerjee was very impressed with the progress till date and assured the OC that he will look into all the issues that had been raised by Mr. Kalmadi, Dr. Nitin Kareer, and the PMC and PCMC commissioners to speed up the further processes for the smooth flow of the games. He also said that he will look into the requests for additional funds for the projects which are pending with the government.

Lt. Gen. Kapur, ADG CYG Pune 2008 gave a general overview about the games and the organizing committee gave presentations on several functional areas & initiatives undertaken by CYG, such as Volunteer Programme, Baton Relay, games conduct, merchandising, school programme & cultural initiatives, Green Games initiatives. Mr. Ranjit Gadgil, a lead India finalist from Pune gave a presentation on the proposed ’Ride and Return Cycle Project’, a sustainable transport solution for the city as a legacy. Mr. Sujit Banerjee, said “I am very impressed with the pilot cycle project and assure you that in my next visit to Pune, I would love to ride a bicycle from the airport, see the new BRTS routes in place and see the developments as each one of you has presented".

PMC Commissioner Mr. Pardeshi requested Mr. Sujit Banerjee to help expedite the process for release of additional funds required for the completion of the BRTS corridor. Other issues discussed during the meeting were parking, security, traffic, venue completion, city beautification and CNG buses for CYG.
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