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Aug 08

Commonwealth Youth Games and British Council join hands to take “Bond Forever”, CYG’s school programme, to the next level
Pune, Aug 13th, 2008: “Bond Forever”, the school programme undertaken by CYG is in full swing. Under this programme, 71 schools in Pune have partnered a participating Commonwealth nation and have studied its location, culture, customs and traditions, cuisine, language, history, etc. as part of their projects. These schools will also be interacting with the athletes and coaches from the various participating nations when they visit Pune during the Games to be held in October 2008.

A core committee of 7 principals representing the schools that are part of Bond Forever along with Ms. Purnima Pendse, Director – Culture & Ceremonies, CYG, met the team from British Council in the CYG office yesterday to take this program to the next level.

British Council came forward with their resources to assist schools which are a part of the Bond Forever programme to partner with schools globally and encourage internationalism in education in Pune schools. The British Council here will be contacting their offices in the other Commonwealth nations, who in turn will help in linking one school from each Commonwealth nation with the respective partner school for that country in Pune should the Bond Forever school desire so. Once the link between these two schools is established, the students, teachers and principals of these schools will be able to interact with each other and exchange a greater level of information and knowledge.

The British Council has also agreed to provide free services at their Library in Pune for these 71 participating schools for a period of 3 months, wherein the students can come to the Library to read and research for their projects.

Schools can also use a search engine called Global Gateways to look for a partner school abroad. Ruchira Ghosh, Project Manager (West India), British Council, explained that once the schools have partnered with schools abroad, they can choose what they want to learn about that country and extend this association to benefit both sides. The website, Global Gateways, also has many resources for teachers to enhance their curriculum.

The school’s efforts and level of participation can help them bag the “International School Award”, one of the programmes initiated by the British Council. Projects of international nature that a member school participates in will be considered while rewarding a school. Since the schools of Pune are already part of “Bond Forever”, as per British Council, they can be eligible for this award and British Council assured CYG that if the schools are interested, they have full support from British Council to take these efforts to the next level and be considered for this award.

With the CYG being held in October this year, the schools participating in the Bond Forever programme are very enthusiastic about their projects and are preparing songs, dances and signboards to welcome the contingent from their partner countries. This British Council initiative will help keep this spirit going even after the Games with the means of Global Gateways and International School Awards which will keep the ‘Bond Forever’ legacy alive and “Internationalism in Education” will be a legacy of CYG to Pune schools.
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